Lovely LANZAROTE at the coast - January 2007

Liselotte at Camel Farm in Uga. It's Liselotte to the left :)

The world's most lovely CACTUS GARDEN in Lanzarote About 4000 different cactus! AAUV :(

Toilet entrance - probably to MEN'S AREA ?

My VALHALLA has got a competitor in Lanzarote :)

Living on VOLCANOS. Lanzarote's Montagna del Fuego Feb. 2007

Polite self-service. Taking a photo of myself in a (big!) mirror. And also of old ceramics from Lanzarote.

Enjoying Lanzarote's wonderful vulcanic landscapes up north

Also enjoying cool SUNDOWNERS in the very special sunset :)

ANNA MARIA now 11 months - and as always happy, nergetic and smiling :)

Back in Belgium - training on bikes ?!

"My" new car passing by

Having a great time with close friends Annie and Guy. At fish restaurant. And MEAT for me :)

Sunny outdoor lunch with our friends Dana and Gilles. March 11 in Rixensart

Here I come - 7 months old in the summer of 1945 !

Already having good fun. Some 60 years ago!

With all my white curls on the safe knees of my mom and dad in 1948

Growing up on a farm is really good fun! Grynderup, Denmark around 1950

With my younger brother Hans in 1953

Try to find me at this picture from my confirmation in October 1959

A friendly cartoon from way back in 1988

Another friendly cartoon from 2005.

My dad Alfred - around the time when I was minus 25 years

My mother Jenny 1913-93

My mother Jenny - also as a young girl

My three kids Claus, Lasse and Cecilie around 1975

Claus at his confirmation in 1980

Claus in 1993 with a photo of himself from 1971

Claus being praised by his mother Karen at his great birthday, July 2006. And I very much agree - he very much deserves it!

Birthday cake watching Claus - or perhaps it's the other way around! July 2006

Animal friendly Lasse taming the birds in 1982

Lasse in 2003

Claus and Lasse in their very best gear at the Danish coast June 2006

My daughter Cecilie after High School in 1993

Cecilie in her Aberystwyth in Wales in 2003

Claus, Cecilie and Lasse at one of many happy occasions. Svendborg, Denmark July 2006

Good view from the balcony of our summerhouse in Denmark!

Same place in the real winter! January 2006

A very happy day - August 21, 1993 in Aalborg, Denmark

Liselotte celebrating Christmas in the Ardennes with champagne and oysters. Skål!

Liselotte caught a Scotsman in Craigallachie - the Danish singer Keld Heick!

"Now, listen very carefully!". My grand daughter Anna Maria.

"I'd rather have a nap!"

Dad Nikos with Anna Maria at her baptism night - Kos, July 2006

Mom Cecilie also takes her turn. Kos, July 2006

Everybody's princess Anna Maria with her grandmother Karen. Birmingham October 2006

Anna Maria is now a big - and always happy and smiling - girl! November 2006

Our house i late summer mood. And I just cut all the grass!

Our house in Rixensart seen from another angle.

At lovely Brasserie in the Ardennes in mid October 2006. Uhmmm...

Greetings the locals (the one to the right!)

Our local elections on October 8. Lots of candidates. Lots of choices..

Our new mayor - Bourgmestre - Mayeur - Jean Vanderbecken. Starting on December 4.

Another local Rixensartois! Standing - but (probably) not for elections!

Belgian cemitaries with flower power around November 1. This is the cemitary in Rixensart

Our nice Chinese Gingko tree in our garden. Tough one. It was the only tree, which survived the Hiroshima bomb

Great Italian food and wine waiting for us in Bologna! November 2006

Perhaps the only snow we will see this winter ??!! The Dolomites, November 2006

Father Christmas / Ded Maros / Julemanden in action! Already in November 2006 in Brussels

The "Nisse" on his way in - or out? Rixensart, December 2006

Christmas dinner in Rixensart 2006

Our Christmas tree 2006 - the nicest in Risensart :)

Our little princess Anna Maria - 9 months! Rixensart, Christmas 2006

Christmas visit to Valhalla 2006

Our hotel in Condrieu right at the Rhone River - April 2007

Young lady Anna Maria swinning in COLD pool in Gattières, France, April 2007

The whole family celebrating Liselotte in Gattières in April 2007

Celebrating my new hat and good fun in Rüdesheim, Germany. May 2007

Wine is lovely - also seen from above :) Assmannshausen, May 2007

SKAAL ! Quickborn, Germany June 2007

Veddinge Bakker: Our garden grill and our Beer Bench! Waiting for action! SOON to come :) July 2007

My FLOWER POWER in our lovely Odsherred, Denmark July 2007

The pumpstation near our summer house - pumping 3700 l of water out of our area - per second :)

Picking up real flower from a real old Danish windmill in Lumsås - July 2007

Evening view from our balcony in Veddinge - July 2007

Little lady Anna Maria showing new eating style - two spoons in action at a time - in Birmingham July 2007

Cecilie, Nikos and Anna Maria an early morning in Birmingham - July 2007

Flagging for Europe in Veddinge - August 2007

Enjoying a cold beer in the garden with friends. Veddinge, August 2007

Enjoying another beer and a herring with Ann and Terry Stewart in Anneberg - August 2007

At the most northern tip of Denmark at Grenen, Skagen. Two seas meet. And so do we :) August 2007

Skagen old church - hidden in the sand since 1795. But still available for courious tourists. August 2007

Anna Maria communicating - Birmingham November 2007

Cecilie's and Nikos' new house in Birmingham - December 2007

Lasse arriving at his new appartment in Brussels, Nov.30, 2007

Lasse making his new appartment a really nice place. December 2007

Lasse taking Dad for a walk - or the other way around :) Rixensart, December 2007

Liselotte's new CLIO - her birthday present 2007 :) Rixensart, December 2007

My great little grand daughter Anna Maria ready Christmas Eve :)

Playing and enjoying the Christmas music

Very exciting Christmas tales with "Bedstemor" Liselotte :)

Enjoying a great, traditional Danish Christmas lunch with the family Søgaard on Dec. 26, 2007

Family get-together 29.12.07: Lasse from Brussels, Claus from Odense and Cecilie from Birmingham

New Year's eve 2007/08. Lovely wine with lovely friends in Copenhagen

And lovely fresh air needed on the first morning of the new year! Irene, Niels and Liselotte :)

Anna Maria ready for take-off back to England with her new personal suitcase.

Also enjoying a great Danish birthday cake with a family member :)

Mid January in Hoelaert, Belgum: The local goose early out with lovely "babies"

Enjoying my birthday at the banks of La Meuse in Wépion on January 22.

Great visit by our great Irish friend Terry Stewart in February

Another great visit from Dublin: my old colleague and friend Neville Keery and his wife Anne. February 2008

Visiting the trenches from World War I near Ypres, Belgium. Liselotte and Karen. February 2008

Also visiting the largest Commonwealth cemetary in the world - Tyne-Cot in West Flanders. All from WW I. February 2008

Finally, a visit to the German WW I miiitary cemetary in Langemark in West Flanders. Lasse and Liselotte. February 2008

Celebrating our old friend Poul Bjerregaard's birthday in February 2008

In Berlin March 2008: Great city !! Here the sign in the ne streets where the Berlin Wall passed.

The new memorial for Holocaust near Brandenburg Gate. Very impressive.

Walking inside Norman Foster's great glass construction above the German Parliament

STASI in the old communist GDR: Slogan: "Wir sind überall" :(

Get-together with my own DREAM TEAM in the Commission 1988 - 2005. Lunch in Brussels. March 2008

Lunch my our excellent house owner, Jean Francis, in Grez-Doiceau. March 2008

Sudden surprise: Snow in our garden in Rixensart om March 21. They call in "Spring"!

Snow in our garden in Rixensart on March 25, 2008. Spring has arrived :(

Visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre - and the Whisky Shop - in York in March 2008

My granddaughter Anna Maria in front of "her" new house in Bournville in Birmingham, UK in March 2008

A very happy couple - Bourville, March 2008

SO happy about her birthday cake - 2 years nd a BIG girl. Bournville March 2008

Lasse's birthday - and one of his presents in his new appartment in Brussels

Flying over the Alps on our way to Toscana, April 2008

Fantastic view over PERUGIA in Italian Umbria, April 2008

My new Vine hat in Pisa. April 2008

On the top of the Leaning Tower in Pisa. And it's still standing! April 2008

Celebrating Liselotte's birthday on the 3rd floor in Hotel Saint Michel right at Grand Place in Brussels. April 2008

Udelivet i de herlige Veddinge Bakker maj 2008

Besøg på Nationalmuseets nye flotte Oldtids-udstilling, Juni 2008

Lidt regnvejr på herligt vennebesøg i Charlottenlund. Juni 2008

Aftenstemning fra vor balkon i Veddinge. Juni 2008

Besøg på den nye 1100-tals Riddelborg ULVSBORG ved Asnæs. Maj 2008

Besøg på familiegravstedet i Grynderup i Himmerland i juni 2008

Til gemytlig 90-års fødselsdag i Klarup ved Aalborg. Juni 2008

Hos Poul og Annelise ved Vesterhavet i Vedersø. Juni 2008

Besøg hos vore belgiske venner Anne og Stavros på Nordstrand ved Nykøbing S. Juni 2008

Vor superflotte marguerite i på balkonen i Veddinge. Juni 2008

Familiens øjesten, ANNA MARIA, til fest på Mols. Juni 2008

Vor venlige Vejrhund - oppe på taget igen :) Til glæde og nytte. Juni 2008

Liselotte with brother Lasse and his wife. Frederiksberg, June 2008

Anna Maria very proud of her new bike and new helmit. Nivå, July 2008

Granddad at sea with Anna Maria. Denmark, July 2008

Anna Maria teaching granddad about computers :) Veddinge, July 2008

Two flowers in Nivå. July 2008

Big smile to "Moffa" ( granddad ). July 2008

My newly found grand cousin Willi Groth and his family on visit. Veddinge, July 2008

Visit to the former Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen July 2008

NJ in Waterloo with the Imperial French Guard - not i 1815, but in July 2008

With Claus and Lasse at Trafalgar Square in London. July 2008

At the Monty Python musical SPAMALOT in London. July 2008

Visiting our old friends Kirsten and Hans Jørn on their island Tåsinge in the south of Denmark. August 2008

Standing Bull in amazing historical nature in Als, Denmark. Augsut 2008

Enjoying a "hot dog" and a burger with old friends while visiting Nordborg in Denmark. Augsut 2008

Great evening in the nice harbour of Sønderborg in Denmark. Augsut 2008

Now at Skagen - the Top of Denmark. August 2008

Our great ship on the Danube: M/S L'EUROPE

The fantastic IRON GATE between Romania and Serbia. October 2008

With great Danish-Serbian friends at the castle in Belgrade. October 10, 2008

Me and my donkey! It's the donkey in the back! On the Hungarian Puszta, October 2008

Another great guest singing at the Reinprecht Heuriger in Grinzing, Vienna. October 2008

Visiting the very strat of the Danube in Furtwangen in the Black Forest in Germany. October 2008

The view from my hotel window in Riquewihr in Alsace. October 2008

My daughter Cecilie's birthday in Rixensart. October 2008

Anna Maria with her grandma Karen. Rixensart, October 2008

"The Gang of Four" in Lasse's appartment in Brussels - Lasse, Claus, Cecilie and Nikos. October 2008

SKÅL - at Limelette. November 6, 2008

Celebrating our 23 years :) Limelette. November 2008

Lovely view from our hotel window in Venezia , November 2008

Enjoying Venezia. November 2008

I love my Morfar :) Christmas 2008

Anna Maria. Christmas Eve 2008

Cecilie, Anna Maria and Nikos, Bournville Dec. 2008

The whole family in Bournville, UK, December 2008

New Year's Eve in Rixensart 2008-09

Ready for the fireworks at midnight on New Year's eve. Rixensart 2008-09

A good long, fresh walk on New Year's Day. Rixensart 2009

Snow all over i Rixensart early January 2009

Even the birds had serious problems :(

My old friend Poul came for my birthday ! January 2009

Watching over Obama's inaugauration on January 20, 2009. GREAT DAY :)

Another year has passed! In other words: I am now one year more clever :)

Singing loudly - and also very nicely: WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR ( with love to Paul McCartney ) And to me, I hope :)

With my friend Tony Menezes in front of Berlaymont March 2009

In the Baltic countries ( Lithuania ) April 2009

Visiting Lenin in Latvian bunker, April 2009

Visiting Alicante, Spain, April 2009

With my former colleague Marta Alonso in Valencia, Spain, April 2009

My friend Ernst and the Irish monk. It's the monk to the right :) Ireland, May 2009

Enjoying life at the coast of Samsø, August 2009

A reflective moment in the dunes of Skagen, August 2009

Enjoying the small island of Anholt in the middle of nowhere. Sept. 2009

Enjoying Sicily Sept.-Oct 2009. Here Siracusa - and a couple of mermaids :) Irene and Annelise.

Sicily holidays with changing of a wheel in the mountains.

Great Sicilian dinner around an old mill stone.

Dynamic night out - in Taormina. Oct. 2009

Our granddaughter Anna Maria in our snowy garden in Rixensart. Christmas 2009

On the sun deck at our river cruise at the Rhone. December 31, 2009

A New Year's eve 2009 with knee performance - Poul and Hans Jørgen in action.

My birthday 2010 in Watou in West Flanders. Dressed in the local costume - for the night :)

Also celebrating my great day with my son Lasse - and his Scottish present :)

My special birthday present from my old colleague Lila and her husband Stanis. Lovely photo collage - made from my own home page :)

Our greatest snow man in all of Rixensart. February 2010.

Lasse in Rixensart 4 Feb 2012

My granddaughters Zoe and Anna Maria having fun in the snow in Bournville 5 Feb 2012

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