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                         17 important benefits from installing and using the free service SKYPE


1.   You can speak free of charge with all 483 million SKYPE users all over the world ( including me J )


2.   The programme is FREE – and it takes 3 minutes to install


3.   More persons can speak and listen in both ends of the conversation


4.   You can with SKYPE easily make a free telephone conference with up to 100 participants. A smaller number is probably more manageable !


5.   With a web camera ( either in your laptop/netbook already or easy to install via your USB connection) you can be seen by the people you talk to. And you can see them live, if they also have a web cam at their end


6.   You can free of charge CHAT with all other SKYPE users in a small box, which you write in very easily – and click: Then your friend at the other end has got your message on his screen, if his computer is open. If not, your message will appear when he opens his computer next time


7.   You can very easily find other SKYPE users in a simple catalogue, which covers the whole world. You click on Search and write their name or their SKYPE name, if you have that. And there they are.


8.   With SKYPE you can also call normal fixed phones all over the world. At the moment it costs about 0,016 € per minute – wherever you call to.


9.   For the amount of about 5 € a month you can from Skype call all fixed phones in 25 European countries for free. As often as you like. And as long as you like.


Instruction:  Open SKYPE; Open TOOLS; Open: Go to my Account Page; Sign In; Click on: Call Phones; Select: Unlimited Europe Settings


10.   For the monthly amount of 10.50 € you can do the same to all fixedphones in 43 countries worldwide


11.   You can also call all mobile phones in the world directly from SKYPE. It will cost you more than calling a fixed phone. But much less than calling from a mobile phone


12.   You can also send sms massages (text messages) from SKYPE. It is much easier from the computer than from a normal mobile phone. It costs about 0,04 € per message. The price differs from country to country



13.   You can transfer your incoming calls automatically to your normal phone or to your mobile phone, if your SKYPE is not open


Instruction:  Open SKYPE; Click on TOOLS; Then click on OPTIONS in the buttom; Click on Call Forwarding & Voicemail ( at the buttom ): In the Call Forwarding settings:  make a mark and add your phone number  ( remember 00 in front )


Each time an incoming call reaches you this way you automatically pay a small amount from your Skype account.


But it means that people can ALWAYS call you on Skype even if you are not anywhere near your computer J


14.   You can also get a SKYPE Voice Mail ( answering machine ), where people under all circumstances can leave you a message


15.   SKYPE-IN:   You can through Skype also buy a normal telephone number in another country than where you live. They call it an on-line number, because the call to you goes via the internet.  This is possible in the following countries in Europe:


      UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Ireland, Netherlands, and Romania.     More to come.


And you can also buy such local numbers in the following countries outside Europe:  US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


 This makes it possible for your friends and contacts in those countries (if they do not use SKYPE ) to call you on this number and only pay local phone price. And you will receive their call on SKYPE. This service will cost you  50 € per year per number. Independently of how much it is used. This service is called SKYPE IN.  I have myself such a number in Denmark:  3698 0830



16.   If you don’t like sitting near your computer, when you want to SKYPE somebody, you can buy a wireless phone, which works with SKYPE all over the house – and in your garden J   There are several products. Mine is called “Olympia”. It also works like a normal wireless phone.


17.   You don’t even need to open your computer to use SKYPE. You just buy one of the new WiFi portablephones, which work with SKYPE. One of the first came from the company “Netgear”. Mine is a “Belkin”. I am very satisfied with it.  You have to have a WiFi network to be able to use it. And you can use it on all Internet Hotspots and everywhere, where you one way or the other can get access to a WiFi network.  All at no cost.







          So – dear friends:  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??


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          Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


          SKYPE name:  kimbrer                 e-mail:   kimbrer@gmail.com