How to enjoy active retirement
Some ideas for a good, creative and exciting free life



Some ideas for a good, creative and exciting time in the 3rd age



     Each bird, of course, has to sing with its own beak and live its own life.  But as several people have asked me, how I do it I have decided to shoot from the hip and tell about my experience. It is based on the three latest years. Three very exciting and positive years. And hopefully with many, many more to come J


I want to give 10 GOOD IDEAS, which I believe might be useful to everybody:


1)      Take your time….   Enjoy a honeymoon with your new freedom. And

find your own rhythm


2)      Walk systematically – if possible in new places every day. Use a pedometer to count your steps every day. Self competition is very stimulating


3)      Make small excursions – with big and new discoveries. As the poet Karen Blixen once said: If you can’t get a kick out of walking in your own street there is no point in travelling the world


4)      Learn something new every day – knowledge, abilities. Big or small.


5)      Write your own history – about yourself, your children, your adventures. Not necessarily chronologically. But pleasant and cheerful


6)      Find out about your family. Find information and pictures. Ask people to tell about it. Everybody has a story to tell – even a very good and interesting story. It just has to be told. And ensure that you are very well prepared, before you start asking people


7)      Cultivate your Networks. Family, friends, old colleagues, new contacts. And remember that in order to get something from your networks you also now and then have to contribute with something


8)      Read also books, magazines and papers you have never had time for. Continue also to follow developments in your special professional fields from your work – at least a little bit


9)      Give yourself stimulating cultural experiences. Music, theatre, trips, debates – also things which will provoke you ( to some extent J   )


10)  And do not forget to travel !. At home and abroad.Choose your destinations with good care. Try new and for you unknown places. Prepare them very well. Don’t accept just to take the second best. And very important:  this does not necessarily mean that it is expensive!



                        Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


                        April 2008




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