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Modern ways to make modern citizens vote

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Mobilising Voters in Ten Steps



                                         1.   WHY VOTE   - a very short, dynamic text


2.       Mobilise through the Pyramid Principle


( Activists: “You find 10, who each finds 10, etc.”

                   “ Be the first to know “

                   “ Find local events “

                   “ Contact undecided voters “

                   “ Share your story on your blog “  )


Use Google Docs for communicating with the activitists


Create special support groups: Women for…; Students for…;

Youth for…; Teachers for…; Nurses for…; Farmers for…; etc )


3.       Modern interactive Website   /  Home Page


      Has to be the epicentre of the campaign and include everything

      ( such as Messages, Updates; Activation site for Activities; Blog; Social

        Networks; You Tube, Flickr; Eventful; Event programme; etc. );

        Donations / Fundraising; e-Shop )


4.       Use Social Communities very actively


( such as Facebook; MySpace; Twitter; Digg; Ecademy; XING; LinkedIn,

  BeBo; hi5; NING; Plaxo; Friendster; etc. )


( select the most appropriate communities – and have a responsible for each )


5.       Use efficient on-line distribution channels


( such as YouTube for video messages; Flickr for photos; Eventful

  for coming events; etc. )


                                         6.   Use E-mail alerts    ( “Be the first to know “ )


                                               ( to your activists and to everybody who wants it )

                                               ( collect e-mail addresses via special Web Forms, Business Card

                                                 Scanners, etc. )


                                         7.   Use SMS / Text Message alerts     ( “ Be the first to know “ )


                                               ( to your activists and to everybody who wants it )

                                               ( collect mobile phone numbers via special mobile number )


8.       Systematic feed-back about voters’ reactions, worries, questions


( via e-mails; Google Docs; sms/text messages, etc. )

( and react immediately to the most important issues to your activists,

  on your Home Page, by e-mail and on YouTube with video message )


9.       Systematic monitoring of media, blogs, discussion fora, etc.


( by activists, EMM, Imooty, bloggingportal, and other means )



10.   Voting on beforehand :


      Make a special and energetic campaign to make people use of this possibility 

                                               ( different rules for each country )





                   Detailed OPERATIONAL PLANS for each point can be prepared and made available

                   according to special agreement.





                   Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


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My new dynamic communication firm
Getting your message across....🙂

Getting people involved......😀

Getting positive ideas and proposals back.... 🤩

And getting things done fast and properly....🙂

This is the real purpose of any serious communication. Be it public - be it private...

All necessary facts have to be there, of course. And they must be perfectly correct and trustworthy..

But it is also very important to involve emotions. That people feel  the information and the activity as positive. That they feel  they can identify themselves with it..

Communicating to the Heart....  That's the way 😀

That is what   CON AMORE    is best at.

CON AMORE can offer advice and assistance in any interesting communication project - on Europe or on other interesting matters...
More about CON AMORE in action

C O N   A M O R E


Communicating to the Heart



                                        We are convinced that successful communication today must give people a feeling of…..


·        I am part of this  ( ownership )

·        Yes, I like it

·        Well-being

·        Something near me

·        Things are becoming easier

·        Solidarity with those who need it

·        A joint fight against the bad and the evil



                       And what is our strong background and experience for making such communication a

                       success for those who are interested in it:


·        A strong and active professional Network all over Europe

·        A long experience in modern interactive communication instruments ( web, digital television, virtual communities, mobile communication, etc.) and how to use them in the best possible way

·        A life-long knowledge about the EU and how it works



                       Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


                       July 2007.
Communication: 10 Golden Rules




1.      Define a clear message from the outset


2.      Know your “target group” very well


3.      Listen. Gain and deserve confidence


4.      Get your timing right


5.      Visualise your message. With a sense of humour


6.      Never lie – be trustworthy


7.      Never say or show: “I know better”


8.      Show willingness to change your mind


9.      Stay on message – repeat it again and again


10.  Evaluate your communication – and adapt



                            Niels Jørgen Thøgersen 

ENDOMONDO - use web 2.0 in sports

F A C T   S H E E T



NAME:              ENDOMONDO  - free GPS tracking of your sports activities


DATE:               January 12, 2012 


MAIN FACTS:   Short description


  1. ENDOMONDO is a free service, which can track your physical activities like walking, running, cycling, etc.


  1. The name ENDOMONDO comes from Endo = endorphins ( the stuff released in your brain during sports activities )  and Mondo = world.  The world of Endorphins


  1. ENDOMONDO was invented and started by 3 Danes ( ex-McKinsey people )


  1. The web site: 


  1. The vision of ENDOMONDO is to make it more fun being active and thereby motivate more people to do sports and other physical activities.


  1. ENDOMONDO is free. And it is very easy to use.


  1. You need a smartphone ( Android or iPhone ) with GPS service included


  1. You download the ENDOMONDO app from the App market ( free )


  1. When the app is installed and you have opened it you are ready to start !


  1. If you are walking, running or cycling you start ENDOMONDO at the beginning of your tour – and afterwards you have a real-time GPS tracking of:


·         The distance you have made

·         Your average speed, also per km  ( also with indications if you were slow or fast on each lap of 1 km )

·         The calories you have burnt

·         The exact route you have done shown on a map


           In other words: You get a complete training log.


  1.  Your ENDOMONDO keeps your daily activities under HISTORY, where you at any time can go back and see, what you did when. And it can also show you your daily, weekly and monthly results


  1.  If you subscribe to ENDOMONDO’s web site ( creating your own login and password ) you will be able to see your results – past and present – on this site. And on the site you can also see in real time, if some of your ENDOMONDO friends right now are out there doing some exercise


  1.  You can also via your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other services, you might use, find out which friends are also using ENDOMONDO. You can invite them also to become your ENDOMONDO friend. In this way they can follow you in real time – and you can follow them.  And you can compete with each other – wherever you are in the world.


  1.  All collected information is strictly confidential – unless you decide yourself to show your results on your Facebook or Twitter account. This can be done very easily.


  1.  Now, just one point more:   GET STARTED ! It’s fun J   




Niels Jørgen Thøgersen