Be informed every 10 minutes
Be totally up-to-date on NEWS
Do you want to have the NEWS when they are still really new? Perhaps from many different countries? 😲

One of the instruments which I was very proud to develop during my years in the EU was EMM.  EUROPE MEDIA MONITOR

It gives you the latest news from more than 1000 on-line media from all over Europe and beyond - every ten minutes. Around the clock. And it is free.  🤩

Have a look:




You just click on the blue link - and you have the latest news.

And if you want to read the article itself you just click on its headline - and you have it on your screen.

Actually, the EMM service now exists in 23 languages. You will find them in a drop-down menu in the top right side of the EMM site.

Have good fun!

And please remember to tell others about this special service too: