Gode råd om at bruge din tid rigtigt

Take the Time…..


Take time to Love…

It is the secret of eternal youth!


Take time to laugh…

It is the music of the heart!


Take time to cry…

It is the sign of a large heart!


Take time to read…

It is the source of knowledge!


Take the time to hear… !

It is the power of Intelligence


Take time to think…

It is the key of success!


Take time to play…

It is the freshness of childhood!


Take time to dream…

It is the breath of happiness!


Take time TO LIVE…  
Because time passes… QUICKLY 
And NEVER returns!


Last but not least send this to 10 friends at least


Happy road to life my friends

SNAPSEVISEN - in English
Celebrating the Father of Danish Aquavit
Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit was created in honour of Isidor Henius, the most influential and significant contributor to the Danish aquavit tradition. This full-bodied, smooth premium aquavit is based on dill and coriander with an elegant finish of American white oak.

Enjoy responsibly !

I like the snaps and the snaps likes me
Thrilling as only the snaps can be
I want to drink the real élite
Aalborger aquavit.
Over the mountains, over the seas
Thousands of snapses are waiting for me
Please, do away with juice and tea
Snaps is the drink for me  !!

SNAPSEVISEN - en francais

J’aime le schnapps comme un vrai danois,
il est si bon, il est fort et froid.
Ne pensez plus à moules et frites
Pensez à l’Aquavite.
De Rixensart sont venu nos amis
pour visiter notre belle patrie.
Ils pensent plus aux moules et frites,
Seulement à l’aquavite !

Mel.:  Over the Mountain

Liselotte et Niels Jørgen Thøgersen