The most useful apps simply explained

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NAME:               APPS FOR ANDROID


DATE:                August 8, 2011  ( 3rd edition )


MAIN FACTS:    Overview of the most interesting apps




Anti virus app:


Remember to download the free anti-virus app. And remember also to update it, when you are reminded by your smartphone that Updates are available




Barcode scanner:


With this app you can with your built-in camera scan any barcode. Including the so-called QR codes ( 2D codes ).  Just follow the very easy instructions. You can also with bthis app make your own 2D codes for transfer of information. And you can do efficient book search


BBC News:


All the latest news from BBC. Not only the headlines, but the full text.




Several browsers are available as free apps: Dolphin browser, Dolphin browser HS, Opera mini, etc.  In this way you can easily read texts on the internet.






An app also gives you a Calendar, which you can read and write into. You can arrange that it is automatically synchronised with your Google Calendar on your computer.







With this app you can scan business cards, keep them in special camcard file or transfer them to your contact list




Your smartphone has a built-in camera, which can take photos and small videos. When you have taken it you can immediately save it to the Gallary.


The Camera can also be used for other functions such barcode scanning and monitoring of your heart beat.




Your list of contacts is directly accessible via your app.  You can easily arrange that the list is automatically synchronised with your Gmail contact list. You can insert photos of each of your contacts. If you write the address of your contacts in the list and you have GPS installed on your smartphone you can by a simple click in your contact list see where the address is on a Google map.   And when one of your contacts call you their name ( and photo ) will automatically appear on the screen of your smartphone.




Danmarks Aviser:


A collection of the websites of 32 Danish newspapers, incl. The most important ones like Jyllands-Posten, Politiken, Berlingske, Information, BT, Ekstrabladet, Danmarks Radio and TV2.  Through two clicks you can follow all the latest news in each of them


Documents to Go:


This makes it possible to read and edit your documents on your smartphone




With this app you have direct access to your social network LinkedIn. Anywhere.




In this app you can uploade your files ( texts, photos, etc. ) in the cloud and have access to them from anywhere via any computer or smartphone.  2 GB free space




ENDOMONDO Fitness trainer:


This free app helps you to monitor your running, walking, cycling, etc. Real time GPS based tracking of time, distance, speed and calories.




You can live see and listen to the ongoing programme on EURONEWS.  Very new app.




Here you can write or uploade any file ( text, photo, sound, etc. ) an it will be kept for you in the cloud. Access it from any suitable device from anywhere.  The site is searchable.






You can have direct access to your Facebook account, read your messages, send new messages, etc.






A photo album where all the photos you either take with the camera or you download are stored.  The small videos you record with your built-in camera are also stored here.


You can directly from the Gallery share your each of your photos and videos by sending them to one of many places such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.




If you have a Gmail account you can read your mails and send them directly from your smartphone.  At the same time the list of Contacts on your smartphone is automatically synchronised with your Contact list in Gmail.


Google Books:


This app gives you direct access to about 3 million free books at the Google electronic bookstore


Google Search:


The Google app makes it very easy to use the Google search engine at any time








With the free app called iRecord you can use your smartphone as a voice recorder. And when you have finished recording your short message, greetings or questions you can immediately send them via Gmail, Bluetooth, Dropbox or Evernote








This free app makes it possible for you to read all your books, newspapers and magazines on your e-book reader Kindle from Amazon ( if you have one ).  No extra costs. Available everywhere.






This app allows you to share your current location with all the friends, who have accepted to share location with you




This app gives you direct access to thousands of audio feeds.






Google maps are freely available as an app.  You can see your own location or search any other location anywhere in the world.  In your Contact list you can by a simple click see on the map, where your Contact is living or working, if you have written the address into the list.




From this app you can download more than 200.000 apps about all sorts of subjects. Most of them are free ( unlike iPhone ). And those with a price are very cheap. The download is easy and fast. Remember to transfer as many of your apps as possible from your phone memory to the SD card. If you you will quickly run out of space.  A special app called  App2SD  can do it for you.














Scan to PDF:


This app can scan documents to your smartphone






You can also downlo ad a free SKYPE app, which makes it possible to use your SKYPE account directly from your smartphone.   This service also includes video Skyping on most smartphones.






Google Translate is available as a free app. It makes it possible for you to machine translate any word, expression or text to and from 72 different languages




This is a great travel organiser. Become a member for free via your computer at   . And upload your travel plans to:  Then you will see all relevant information with times, distance, type of aircraft, the status of your flight, restaurants and hotels in the place you visit.  Works also offline.




A Twitter app gives you direct access to your Twitter account. You can read as well as send your twits.








Weather Channel:


This app gives you access to the weather right now, over the next 36 hours and in the next 10 days anywhere in the world.  You can search by location. And you can make a list of up to 12 favourite locations, which it at any time is very easy to check.  The locasions available in this service are very precise.




The WiFinder app can help you find available WiFi areas. 


World Newspapers:


With this app you have free access to thousands of newspapers from all over the world ( in chapters Most Popular, By Continent, By Country, Web News, Magazines, Videos )






The free video sharing service YouTube is also available as an app.  You can use your YouTube account directly, also for sending videos you just recorded with your smartphone









Niels Jørgen Thøgersen




August 8, 2011